• Freelance Editor (examples of recent projects: footnote and general editing for Zachary Horton's The Cosmic Zoom: Scale, Knowledge, and Mediation; copyediting for Gabrielle Koczab's The Sick Doctor).
  • Assistant Editor, De Gruyter's Culture and Conflict Series (proofreading and editing for Isabel Gil's 9/11: Culture, Catastrophe, and the Critique of Singularity).
  • Assistant Editor, [Inter]sections, the American Studies Journal at the University of Bucharest (copy-editing and formatting).
  • Editor-in-Chief, The Caterpillar Chronicles, a creative writing magazine (developmental editing).

  • Manuscript Evaluation: an assessment of the general aspects of the manuscript with suggestions for structural and content revisions.
  • Developmental Editing: major restructuring of manuscript; general and detailed suggestions; improvement of plot, characterization, narration, structure, and craft.
  • Copyediting (light, medium, heavy): consistency, attention to style, grammar, punctuation, usage.
  • Footnote and Citational Editing: for academic manuscripts formatted in the MLA Style or the Chicago Manual Style.
  • Proofreading: final polishing of your manuscript with a focus on spelling and punctuation errors.
Please contact me at alexandra.magearu@gmail.com to discuss your project and for more information on the services.