Poetry Film

Wait (2012)

written, directed, and shot by Alexandra Magearu
edited by Zach Horton
music by Parachute Pulse
with Helena

Wait is a short film I shot in Paris in the summer of 2012 using experimental digital and analog filmmaking techniques. The film reflects on the experience of being fully and vividly embodied, yet depersonalized within an urban environment which is registered as a chaotic web of relations, movements, lights, sensations. It thinks through the experience of extended time, the temporality of waiting [not quite in Beckettian terms, perhaps in the sense of loitering, lingering, drifting, a form of waiting reminiscent of the nostalgia of childhood], and the desire to renounce a centralized sense of being. In other words, refusing the governing structure of human rationality, and embracing instead the open-ended forces of affects and perceptions.