About Me

I am a writer, editor, and literary scholar, who sometimes experiments with visual art. I was born in a small town in Romania, lived in Bucharest for most of my teens, and I moved to the United States in my early twenties to pursue my PhD degree in Comparative Literature at UC Santa Barbara. I am currently based in Cleveland, Ohio, where I have become immersed in the literary scene and immigration activism. 

My writing has been published in The Comparatist, Tint Journal, World Literature Today, on the Global Cleveland website, and in two philosophy book collections, Ecosophical Aesthetics: Art, Ethics and Ecology with Guattari and Phenomenology of the Broken Body. I was awarded the Woodrow Wilson Dissertation Fellowship in Women's Studies for my literary scholarship. 

I am currently working on a book of essays about immigration in the United States and a novel set in Bucharest in the days preceding the 1989 Romanian revolution.